Sunday, 22 May 2016

Add Charm to Your Office with Bookshelves

Having a great office design will not be complete without a bookshelf. Yes, this is very much true in the current context of things when most of our offices are technology driven. We are used to looking around offices with clean modular furniture suited well for working on computers and laptops. We look around and we find more and more gadgets inside the office space. This is fine till the point you feel the need to have a corner for something well organized to read. A nice modern day bookshelf comes to the rescue here. First of all, these bookshelves are ever-changing in colour, specs, look and feel. So it is up to you to make a choice of whatever suits best and goes well with the office furniture. It should also go with your overall style of design. A few things need to be considered while organizing bookshelves in your office.

  • Functionality:  What would you do with the space a bookshelf provides?
  • Colour: Look for matching colour of your office furniture.
  • Shape: Use similar shape to add balance and diversity.
  • Texture: Can use different textures for visual appeal.
  • Space: Always leave some empty spaces in between so that it does not look cluttered.
  • Plants: Put some flowers and plants around the bookshelf.
  • Personal: And finally, add some personal touch by incorporating things special to you.

Bookshelves should be used as elegant storage cabinets. They should match with the colour and decor of the office. Having shapely things such as round vases, sculptures etc amongst books would not be a bad idea at all. Another important thing is to keep the shelves uncluttered by leaving empty spaces in between. It also helps in giving an identity to the important visual pieces on the shelves. Overall, a well-lit area to keep the bookshelf and adding some personal touch to it will complete the whole picture.

You can purchase a modern, functional and spacious bookshelf from modular furniture store in your vicinity. 

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