Wednesday, 26 November 2014

How to Choose Furniture for Small Office Spaces

As the cost of land and renting ascensions, the need to have a small office environment emerges. Small offices mean a smaller square area; however, you can do numerous things to make a small office look inviting and open. We need to break some conventional tenets to make a workspace that speaks to you. 

Big or Small

It is always said that big structures are a NO for a small office zone. This is not necessary since, you can use one major piece as a part of your office. Let’s say you want a huge cushy seat for your workstation, considering all the things, we can use a table that is not placed at the point of convergence and huge. This way, one can fit the cushy seats that are comfortable to sit throughout the day.

Cheer Up

While picking a shade for small office furniture, neutral or whites are the best approaches. However don't be hesitant to use brilliant colors here and there. On the other hand, you can simply work with a white on the dividers with slight clues of bright colors underneath.

General Pattern

We are all reluctant to use design as a part of a small office yet in the event that you use anything as a part of control it should not look cluttered. In case you want to use the tints and shades of the same color with a mix of some unbiased or lighter shade that ought to be fine.

Small Office Furniture Be Bold

You don't generally need to have a point of convergence in a room; be striking and break some customary tenets. Everything you need to verify in a small office is that each piece mixes and orchestrates with whatever remains of the things of the room and nothing sticks out else it will make the room  look much smaller. Each piece should be a continuation of the other. In such a case, a work area with an implicit cabinet with sliding door or a storage cabinet is a fairly decent option.
 Regardless of what you do simply recollect that you don't need to worry about styling your small office. A small office which is modified, decently composed and easy to understand will help you to get on with your work efficiently. Visit Fine Grace to bring some fun and delight in a space that speaks to you.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Conference Table: The Signature Piece of Your Office

While buying commercial office furniture, for example, a conference table, one comes across many mind boggling questions: what size table you need, what shape will best fit your company's corporate style, how to handle power and communication needs, etc. This article is based on important tips on envisioning a table that is ideally designed for your business needs.

Conference Table

While purchasing commercial office furniture, one comes across many models, most of which will adequately fulfil the primary purpose. On the other hand, there are many other parameters like: quality, luxury, specific needs, practical requirements, aesthetics, budgetary considerations, as well as the “impression” you wish to make, that determines ones final decision while purchasing commercial office furniture.

Many conference tables can be purchased at reasonable prices. The information in this article will help you sort out what type of conference table will best suit your needs as well as your budget.

Conference tables can be designed in all shapes and sizes and can be constructed from many different types of materials including wood, glass, marble, synthetic materials, or some combination. Apart from the material used for construction, the look and feel of your conference table is very important. 

Conference tables are generally made from hardwoods, cherry, mahogany, walnut, maple, oak and teak being the most popular of them all. All of these woods have their own look, feel and personality. Since most of the cost of a table is in the labour, the difference in cost between most of these woods will not greatly affect the price of the table. 

FITTING YOUR SPACE: Large, Small & Everything in Between

Different shapes of conference tables provide different seating capacities. With square and rectangle conference tables being the simplest tables to fabricate, they are also the most economical for a given seating capacity. Boat shaped tables, due to the curve, provide more seating room and also look graceful. Another shape most popular among conference tables are the racetrack conference tables, which consist of a rectangular center, capped with two half circle ends. 

Most preferred and pretty conference tables are round in shape. Many round tables can often double as cafe or break room tables, or even meeting tables where employees can gather to work collectively on projects. For companies that make nobility, teamwork, and equal right their mission, few things are better than a table of circular design.

To find the most efficient table for your conference, visit Fine Grace, where you can go through a variety of commercial office furniture and choose the one best suited for your office.


A conference table which is well engineered with power and data cables depicts craftsmanship and easy execution of activities. With proper room for power and data cables, there is room to run everything imaginable. It is very important for a conference table to have hatches, wire runs, etc. These not only make the conference table workable, but also help to keep the conference room neat and organized.

If you are looking for conference tables, Fine Grace is a must visit. They are one of the most prestigious commercial office furniture manufacturers in Gurgaon and you can rest assured that your affordable modern conference table is capable of withstanding everything.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Optimizing Your Workspace Ergonomically

Finding the right office chair for your body is important for your health and work productivity. Some of you may not realize how unfriendly your workspace is to your body, while others must have already started experiencing pains due improperly set up desk. Slouching and keeping your shoulders tense impacts shoulder nerves and wrists. If you haven't given a lot of thought to the comfort of your workspace, it's probably time to give it an ergonomic makeover. This article will go over some of the most important elements of an ergonomic office chair.


Recline-Ability: The natural glide mechanism on executive chair enables you to recline while working. This style of reclining executive chair will allow you to reach your keyboard without straining your eyes, shoulder or arms.

Chair Height: While working, your feet should be flat on the floor, thighs should be parallel to the ground and forearms should be parallel to the work surface. If the positioning is too high, there will be too much pressure on the sensitive area behind the knee and can limit the circulation. If the positioning is too low, the knees will be higher than the hips, which can cause your body weight to shift back and put pressure on sitting bones. An executive chair should come with adjustable heights. Many manufactures in Gurgaon, have come up with such adjustable office chairs.

Seat Depth: An adjustable executive office chair depth lets you slide the seat backward or forward to suit your leg length. If the seat is too long, you will be inclined to prop yourself forward, losing the benefit of back rest. While buying an executive chair, make sure there is 3-4 finger distance between the back of your knee and the front edge of the seat, while you are seated.

Armrests: Armrests provide you proper placement and support while working. Adjustable armrests in executive chairs allow you to get proper comfort while typing or writing.

Lumbar Support: Lower back pain is a huge ailment for office workers. At Fine Grace, executive chairs provide you with firmness and position control. Sitting correctly not only allows oxygen to move quickly to your muscles and increase blood flow to the brain, but also improves focus and keeps the individual refreshed.


Comfort is the key:  The material on the office chair seat and back should have enough padding to be comfortable to sit on for extended periods of time. Having a cloth fabric that breathes is preferable to a harder surface.

Looks aren’t everythingWhile buying executive chairs, don’t incline too much towards the looks. A beautifully designed office chair might not be friendly with your body posture.

Try before you buyAt Fine Grace, you will find a huge variety of executive chairs and other office chairs, which is available for look and feel. Buy only when you are sure with the quality of the furniture you want to buy.


       Given a chance, what kind of a executive chair would you choose, the one with wheels or stationary chair? This is a very important point to consider while buying an executive chair. The executive chair should be easy to move in case you want to slide around a space. The executive chair should allow you free movement in your work space. If you work at a larger desk, an executive chair with wheels or a swivelling seat may be the best.


      While buying executive chairs, consider making a budget. There are plenty of ergonomic, comfortable executive chairs that cost an arm and a leg, but not everybody can afford a great seat. Before you go shopping for office chairs in Gurgaon, make sure you make a budget. Pick a price that is worthwhile to invest in a proper chair.

Visit Fine Grace for quality executive chairs and office furniture and take with you long-term peace of mind. 

Friday, 14 November 2014

Increase Productivity through Modular Office Furniture

Purchasing office furniture can be a challenging process, but it doesn't have to be. Finding the right furniture design to accommodate business goals, like increasing communication and productivity, is doable when you work with a company that specializes in customer service focused spaces.

Benefits of Modular Office Furniture

Purchasing your office furniture from a manufacturer that focuses on modular furniture provides a number of productivity benefits to employers. For example, these manufacturers create raised office stations specifically for team leaders and managers. The raised height of these desks enables supervisors to observe, manage, and communicate with their employees. Experts say that the more supervisors and employees talk, the more productive a business becomes. Modular office furniture can lead to a more productive workplace.

Selecting the Right Desk and Executive Chair

To select the best furniture for your office, start by picking the panel height of the desks and executive chairs. Office workstations with a panel height between 40 inches and 42 inches give a supervisor the best view of his or her office while providing employees with some privacy. An option to add more privacy, but keep visibility, is to outfit workstations with unique acrylic panels and decorative elements. These creative embellishments bring a unique visual appeal to the office without sacrificing visibility.

Finding the Right Color

Another important thing to think about when designing your office furniture is the color of your office cubicles and desks. Studies show that the color of a space can influences the productivity of the employees. It is often recommended to select neutral colors for the office desks, and spruce up these neutral desks with colorful executive chairs, paint, art, or vivid work accessories.

Office Layout

The dimensions and layout of your modular office furniture also impacts the productivity. The most dynamic office designs leave adequate space for collaboration, break rooms, and training areas. An office design plan also leaves plenty of aisle space for supervisors to reach their sub-ordinates easily and efficiently. Creating several pathways to the restrooms and exits are also extremely important.
To get the best deals on your modular office furniture you must visit Fine Grace, an ace at providing the best furniture and office designs in Gurgaon. 

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Choosing Perfect Home Office Furniture

The most suitable furniture for your home office will be that which you’re comfortable and productive in.  The right home office furniture will make the difference in your outlook on working and your satisfaction towards your home office. When buying home office furniture, here are some things you have to consider:

Assess how much room you have

One of the biggest mistakes in choosing furniture is under/overestimating how much space you truly have. An empty home office looks huge until you put desks and executive chairs in it! Measure your space and take into account windows and doorways that your furniture will have to fit around.  If there are views out a window you would like your desk to face, consider this when measuring and planning out your furniture placement.

Determine how long per day you will use your office

This tip is important for the fact of comfort. If you only use your home office for 30 minutes a day to check email, a stylish executive chair may win over a comfortable executive chair.  On the contrary, if you spend 7-10 hours days in your office, your needs for comfort are imperative.

What is your budget

Like any furniture, you can spend a small amount or you can spend a few pay checks on one piece of office furniture for your home. How much you spend is up to you, although, keep in mind that d├ęcor, office supplies, and computer equipment may still need to be purchased after the furniture. If you’re on a tight budget consider buying self assembly furniture.

Will you share your space? 

When choosing desks, bookshelves and other surface furniture, take into account your office partners needs.  They may need more or less space than you depending on their occupation or use for the home office.  Office furniture manufactures in Gurgaon have come up with designer home office furniture, which has multifunctional pieces and can be collaborated together. A table that holds the printer may also be used as a desk or conference table.

Choose your style: Antique furniture to ultra contemporary furniture will be a design choice that you have.  Remember comfort when selecting older traditional furniture, such as executive chairs.  Antique furniture can look gorgeous, but you may need the flexibility of an adjustable executive chair for comfort.  While some modern executive chairs have the ergonomics that are comfortable, but look too futuristic for a traditional home. Office furniture manufactures can provide you whatever name. But in the end you will need to decide which is a higher priority, aesthetics or comfort. Visit Fine Grace for your requirements and find a happy medium.

Choose furniture that fits you

Comfortable home office furniture should ‘fit’ your body.  If you are a tall person, ensure that your chair and table height will be in proportion to you using it.  Conversely for shorter people, an executive chair that is too high and non-adjustable may have your feet dangling like a child.  Fine Grace not only provides you with comfortable, great looking furniture, but also a furniture you can sit for hours on end.

To ensure you will be productive, follow these tips to choose comfortable and stylish furniture.  If you have time, purchase furniture as you need it, to see how your office functions with you in.  Often times, we buy too much furniture and half of it isn’t used on a daily basis.  Choose wisely with Fine Grace and your home office will reward you with a space that is enjoyable to work in.