Tuesday, 21 June 2016

How Furniture Manufacturers in Gurgaon Create Their Masterpieces

Gurgaon is a city of dreams for many people. They come here to work in IT industry, manufacturing, backend processing units, consultancies etc from all across India. Gurgaon is also a hub to many fortune 500 companies that have their offices based out of the city. Furniture manufacturing in Gurgaon is also one such industry which has flourished over the past few years. However, what distinguishes Gurgaon furniture manufacturers from others. Here are a few points.
  1. Up-to-date: Majority of Gurgaon furniture manufacturers are well informed about the latest trends in furniture. They know what is trending and what is not. Being situated in the middle of corporate hub has its own advantages. The furniture manufacturers are able to provide productive, creative and collaborative furniture designs to their clients.
  2. Modular Furniture: Most of the office furniture manufacturers in Gurgaon make modular office and home furniture. They have a huge selection of modern-day workstation, cubicles, benches, seating systems and customized solutions as per your home and office needs.
  3. High-Quality furniture systems: Gurgaon manufacturers also have a niche in providing high-quality furniture systems with a great visual appeal. The furniture systems are contemporary, modern, ergonomic and stylish. These masterpieces have features for modern-day working environments such as space utilization, acoustic designs that are good for productivity & overall wellbeing of the employees.
  4. Innovative: The furniture made here is innovative based on the modern office requirements. The designs have uniqueness in terms of colors, adaptability, mobility, structure and shapes. The users find Gurgaon manufactured furniture to be scientific and pocket-friendly. It provides better life-work balance and long lasting sturdiness. 
  5. After Sales Service: Gurgaon furniture manufacturers generally have a very good after sales support where interest of the customers is taken care by them on priority. This provides an opportunity for them to have a long-term ongoing relationship with a corporate or individual client. 

Sunday, 5 June 2016

Why modular office furniture systems are in?

Modular office furniture has various advantages when compared to traditional office furniture. In today’s day and time where office structures have become more open to ideas, modular furniture gels well with modern design aspirations. Be it for seating, relaxing, conferences, storage or eating spaces; modular furniture can fit all the requirements. Modular office furniture is the first choice of many people due to the following reasons:
  1. Visual Appeal: Modular office furniture has great visual appeal. They are holistically designed, contemporary and modern. The chairs, tables, corner units, storage cabinets, side tables etc have a charm of their own. These furniture items come in various shapes, designs, colors and configuration to suit your budget and space requirements. They can easily match up with the existing wall colors, door designs or floor design.
  2. Features: Most modular office furniture is designed keeping in mind the work environments in offices nowadays. As such, more research is done on scientifically creating sitting chairs, desktops, side table, and storage units etc to provide more comfort. These furniture items boast of acoustic and ergonomic features that not only aid employee productivity, but also increase well being at the workspace.
  3. Durability: Modular office furniture is durable and lasts longer. It is easy to handle, pack and shift to a new location. The danger of furniture being damaged while moving from one place to another is minimal as most modular items come in knocked down packs. They can be easily assembled and de-assembled as per your requirements.
  4. Cost Effectiveness: Modular office furniture is cost-effective and provides value for money. It provides long-term solution for your office needs and as such weighs light on your pocket. Most modular furniture designs are theme-based – so you do not need to think about purchasing different items from different stores. It is a one-stop shop solution for all your needs.

 Are you considering buying modular office furniture from a good modular furniture manufacturer in Delhi or Gurgaon? There are various options available suiting your office needs. Feel free to get in touch with us today.

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Add Charm to Your Office with Bookshelves

Having a great office design will not be complete without a bookshelf. Yes, this is very much true in the current context of things when most of our offices are technology driven. We are used to looking around offices with clean modular furniture suited well for working on computers and laptops. We look around and we find more and more gadgets inside the office space. This is fine till the point you feel the need to have a corner for something well organized to read. A nice modern day bookshelf comes to the rescue here. First of all, these bookshelves are ever-changing in colour, specs, look and feel. So it is up to you to make a choice of whatever suits best and goes well with the office furniture. It should also go with your overall style of design. A few things need to be considered while organizing bookshelves in your office.

  • Functionality:  What would you do with the space a bookshelf provides?
  • Colour: Look for matching colour of your office furniture.
  • Shape: Use similar shape to add balance and diversity.
  • Texture: Can use different textures for visual appeal.
  • Space: Always leave some empty spaces in between so that it does not look cluttered.
  • Plants: Put some flowers and plants around the bookshelf.
  • Personal: And finally, add some personal touch by incorporating things special to you.

Bookshelves should be used as elegant storage cabinets. They should match with the colour and decor of the office. Having shapely things such as round vases, sculptures etc amongst books would not be a bad idea at all. Another important thing is to keep the shelves uncluttered by leaving empty spaces in between. It also helps in giving an identity to the important visual pieces on the shelves. Overall, a well-lit area to keep the bookshelf and adding some personal touch to it will complete the whole picture.

You can purchase a modern, functional and spacious bookshelf from modular furniture store in your vicinity. 

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Making a fashion Statement with Your Office Furniture

We all know that good office furniture is necessary for professional looking work environment. It goes beyond doubt that it inspires the work environment, employees and potential clients in a positive way. There are various designs available according to ones work requirements, suitability creativity and costing. While practicality of office furniture is always required, how it looks to the eye also matters. Making a fashion statement out of office furniture is the next big thing in today’s corporate world. Whether it is the sitting arrangement, cubicles, tables, art pieces, or waiting chairs, each piece needs to look special and unique. 

The office furniture designed well becomes a work of art that feels and behaves well. The furniture collection can easily be sorted out from elegant, minimalistic, colorful or detailed. Each arrangement should give that exquisite feeling to the office space, which is required in today’s professional environment. The fashion statement is created by putting modern modular furniture or contemporary furniture that goes well with your office walls and space requirements.

Whether it is the reception area, pantry or cafeteria, library, boardroom, workplace; your office should look sophisticated and elegant in each specific area. The style when mixed with substance brings in functionality and efficiency to the whole office space. Office furniture remains an important part of your success story and making it practical yet fashionable will only double your credibility in the eyes of your employees and potential clients. You can buy good-looking quality furniture from modular furniture store at Delhi and Gurgaon.

While you can get elegant furniture of any genre, choose it according to your space requirements and overall office styling. A modular furniture expert can provide you with detailed information on the kind of furniture best suited for your office. You can take further guidance on sitting arrangements to make it more attractive, functional and fashionable. 

Thursday, 28 April 2016

How to Stick to 'Clean-Desk' Policy

Clean Desk Policy or CDP means a directive by the corporate to the employee that specifies how they should leave their workspace while leaving the office. Most of these CDPs suggest to their employees to clean their desks of any litter or paper at the end of the day. CDP over the years has changed according to the change in technology and how office work generally. CDPs have also taken into consideration increasing data theft and security concerns apart from just cleanliness of desks.

Initially, CDPs had been a part of management policy in number of corporates and employees had adhered to the directives over the years. The offices used to recommend spic and span policy in order to look clutter free and professional. This, as said, has changed into more of security compliance and data protection regulation nowadays. While CDP is not at all difficult to adhere once the tasks and objectives are clear; one needs to be disciplined about it to make it successful.

In order to be effective, a Clean Desk Policy should be clearly put in writing about the actions the employees need to take each day. It should look like a signed agreement between the employer and the employee outlining what is expected from the employee, how it should be monitored, objectives, and consequences of non-compliance by the employee.

Employees should adhere to the principle of clearing their workspaces at the end of the day while they leave the offices and employers should arrange for proper waste disposal, paper shredders and storage units to the employees. The employer can task the supervision to the manager or floor supervisor who can check the workspaces daily end of the day. This will ensure no loss of information or data, destroying or confistication of files, storage media or papers that have been left by the employees on their desk.

The consequences of CDP non-compliance could be a simple warning to a penalty depending upon the amount of non-adherence or risk associated with the same.

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

7 Office Furniture Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Like anything else, buying modular office furniture is a task to be handled with care. It involves both short-term and long-term aspects which should not be neglected. Before you begin your research on modular office furniture manufacturers Delhi, do make a point to go through some common mistakes that office furniture buyers do, and ways to avoid them: 
1.       Lack of Plan while buying furniture:
Impulsive buying leads to wrong decision making. This holds true of office furniture too. It should never be bought in a hurry. Attention should be given to details looking at the long -term aspect, including office floor area, number of rooms, expandability and segregation areas. There are various modular furniture manufacturersin Delhi that give you different design ideas to plan for future.

2.       Inaccurate assessment of needs:
Sometimes, we tend to sideline what exactly is our requirement. The furniture requirement in terms of space, volume, no. of employees and company needs should be looked into while doing a purchase. Modular office furniture should be bought keeping in mind your needs after doing proper assessment. Office furniture vendors can assess the needs and help you sort out the exact requirements.

3.       Choosing chic style over classiness:
While we are attracted to the furniture that is in fashion, we overlook the value of practicality. Trendy furniture may look good at the first instance; however it may not turn out to be a good choice over a long run. Therefore, choose wisely and just not go by the trend but timeless style too. The choice of modular office furniture should be done keeping in mind these important aspects.

4.       Choosing price over value:
The price of a product does not determine its correct value. It is good to have a hard bargain for a product; however we do need to weigh its value. We may find a cheaper priced product fascinating at the time of purchase but in the long run it may not add value due to various factors. Replacement and repairs of cheaper furniture adds up to the cost in a long run. For example, a sturdy table or a chair will last longer than a cheaper one and gives value to the product. Contact genuine modular office furniture manufacturers in Gurgaon or Delhi for the best quality modular furniture.

5.       Employee comfort sidelined:
Comfort is equivalent to productivity when it comes to office furniture. A comfortable design is good for the productivity of the employees too. If these are sidelined, it can lead to unnecessary work-related injuries, back problems and loss of productive work days. Furniture with features such as spinal backrest, adjustable armrests and seats can help increase productivity and comfort. Go for complete officefurniture solutions while purchasing for your office and employees.

6.       Selecting a wrong fabric:
It is of utmost importance to select a right fabric for the office space taking in to consideration various factors such as cleanliness requirement, climatic conditions, usability etc. Modular office furniture comes in different fabrics including bacteria resistant, stain-resistant and durable fabrics. A versatile fabric will not only keep the employees comfortable but also let them enjoy sitting long hours at work. 

7.       Not buying with growth in mind:
Whether starting a new venture or adding up modular furniture for expansion; one should take into consideration how it fits in the current scenario and future expansion. Explore the complete furniture line before you buy the furniture, looking in to long-term aspects. This will enable right choice at the right time.

Thursday, 7 May 2015


Organizations nowadays, due to financial downturn, want to use their office spaces scrupulously.  They want to use their resources exhaustively, even if it is in terms of space, they want less space and more from the space, thus resulting in flexibility, collaboration and doing more with less. With commercial office furniture, this is no more a herculean thing. With the commercial office furniture, many layouts are now in practise that allow employees to retreat when they need to concentrate on a task.

To use the space and time efficiently, change in technology is required. Offices have become smaller and hence, there is a need to switch from stereotypical office furniture to quintessential commercial office furniture. With the focus on efficiency, using portable devices is in practise. Organisations have shifted to using portable conference units as well that allow them to place the devices where they are needed, thus reducing the need of a dedicated room for conferences.

For creating beautiful, less cluttered and easy to use spaces, we suggest you to shift your focus to commercial office furniture. This includes modular office chairs, storage spaces, etc. thus, making the office space more efficient. Offices nowadays reflect the culture of their organization. No one wants to work in an anonymous grey office anymore since it is obsolete. The need of the hour is to rethink the definition if an office. An office should be driven by flexibility and not structure. It makes them meet more people and indifferent. Using commercial office furniture and modular office chairs not only gives employees a breathing room but also creates a holistic feel-good experience. 

Office furniture suppliers today help you readapt the concept of an office space. They design the commercial office furniture with flexibility in mind, allowing employees to move around freely, from personal workspace to collaborative areas. Breaking these barriers by providing commercial office furniture and modular office chairs, helps a lot. The physical environment of the office effects productivity, attention, creativity and stress levels in employees.

Buy high quality Commercial Office Furniture from Fine Grace. Pick your best design from a wide range of modular office chairs from one of the finest office furniture suppliers. In order to have a look on sturdy and high quality commercial office furniture and modular office chairs, visit http://www.finegrace.com, Pick your best design from a wide range and get going! Stay tuned to learn more.