Thursday, 7 May 2015


Organizations nowadays, due to financial downturn, want to use their office spaces scrupulously.  They want to use their resources exhaustively, even if it is in terms of space, they want less space and more from the space, thus resulting in flexibility, collaboration and doing more with less. With commercial office furniture, this is no more a herculean thing. With the commercial office furniture, many layouts are now in practise that allow employees to retreat when they need to concentrate on a task.

To use the space and time efficiently, change in technology is required. Offices have become smaller and hence, there is a need to switch from stereotypical office furniture to quintessential commercial office furniture. With the focus on efficiency, using portable devices is in practise. Organisations have shifted to using portable conference units as well that allow them to place the devices where they are needed, thus reducing the need of a dedicated room for conferences.

For creating beautiful, less cluttered and easy to use spaces, we suggest you to shift your focus to commercial office furniture. This includes modular office chairs, storage spaces, etc. thus, making the office space more efficient. Offices nowadays reflect the culture of their organization. No one wants to work in an anonymous grey office anymore since it is obsolete. The need of the hour is to rethink the definition if an office. An office should be driven by flexibility and not structure. It makes them meet more people and indifferent. Using commercial office furniture and modular office chairs not only gives employees a breathing room but also creates a holistic feel-good experience. 

Office furniture suppliers today help you readapt the concept of an office space. They design the commercial office furniture with flexibility in mind, allowing employees to move around freely, from personal workspace to collaborative areas. Breaking these barriers by providing commercial office furniture and modular office chairs, helps a lot. The physical environment of the office effects productivity, attention, creativity and stress levels in employees.

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Thursday, 30 April 2015

Workplace Layout Transformation: Conventional to Contemporary (Modern) Office Furniture

Newfangled working professionals aspire to make the most of the day.  Business owners today understand the value of time maximization for themselves and the employees. People today work against the clock to accomplish their goals and in the long run, overlook what sitting for long hours can do to their health.

Companies today are switching from conventional (traditional) office furniture to modern (contemporary) office furniture to make the most of every minute since time is infinitely worth more than money.

Numerous office furniture manufacturers spend their time designing modern office spaces that decode time-related issues in workplaces. The major impediments that can be sorted via use of modular office furniture are- productivity, creativity, focus and employee-retention.

Conventional Office Furniture: The Catch-22

Conventional office spaces are a typical case of non-productive space, for example- a cubicle. They lower productivity and mar the morale, spirit and comfort of employees. It does nothing to boost an employee’s creativity. A productive workspace should allow employees to place themselves in multiple situations. For instance, an employee may need a quiet area to focus on a problem at a given point of time.  Positive & fun office spaces add to employee satisfaction. This can easily be achieved by modern office furniture.

Modern Office Furniture: The Gain

Modular office furniture is an amazing option if you want to counter the productivity killing cubicle. You can opt for any kind of furnishing but by incorporating modular office furniture, you can ensure an encouraging and time saving environment. Modular office furniture enables you to make both private and social workspaces, thus encouraging conversation and inspiration.

Modular office furniture provides flexibility and is space saving. They can be arranged differently; parts can be added or removed, as and when required. Modern office furniture makes your office unique due to its distinctive features. Office furniture manufacturers today provide countless options to meet your specific modular office furniture needs.

Modern office furniture not only motivates your employees but also entertains them. An environment with a lot of interaction may create too much noise if you use acoustic office furniture; instead, install sound absorbing panels to take the volume down. Thus, you can avoid boredom and promote interaction at the same time.

One of the finest office furniture manufacturers, Fine Grace, helps you in setting up an office space, which can maximize productivity by using modular office furniture. Want to make the switch? Contact us and see how we can help!

Friday, 24 April 2015

Advantages of making your workstations modular

Furniture can actually transform the look and the aura of any room by adding grace and warmth. Choice of furniture depends on many characteristics; however, the most popular current trend that is being followed by all the corporate houses and start-ups is modular furniture. Many start-up companies which are in the process of expanding rapidly or have limited office space, modular workstations are an effective and affordable solution for them.

What exactly is this modular furniture you must be wondering, well, these are exceptionally versatile and flexible pieces of furniture that are often present in the form of employees workstations, cubicles, conference and meeting tables and storage cabinets. It is available in the form of modules which can be broken down, moved and set back up in just a few minutes using a minimal amount of tool. Using modular office furniture enables to use the office space efficiently and change the interior as per your requirements. Some of the key benefits of going modular are mentioned below:

  1. Gives a superior look to the ambiance- Modular workstations can improve the professional look of an office by offering consistency, tidiness and orderliness.
  2. Versatility- Modular kitchens are available in a variety of types, shapes, materials and colors which can enhance the office ambiance, as it is manufactured at a large scale.
  3. Flexibility and easy to move- Modular workspaces allow the flexibility to modify office layout almost instantly, without having to tear down or build up new walls or perform other expensive renovations. They can easily be shifted from one place to another.
  4. Smart storage- Built-in storage spaces and lockable file cabinets makes things look less clutter and more secure. Moreover, employees can have instant access to the documents that they need and they don’t have to waste time walking to another location.
  5. Affordable- One of the most attractive benefits is that modular workstations are completely affordable and saves a lot of money.  It is available within the reach of practically any business regardless of their budget for office furniture. Rather than spending a fortune on individual desks, walls, chairs and other office equipment, modular furniture offer all-in-one convenience at the lowest possible prices, so you can reduce your overhead costs. They also hold on to their value so they can be amortized over a longer period.
  6. Ergonomics- Modular workstations are designed specifically to make it ergonomically friendly and create a comfortable atmosphere for the employees while working. Good ergonomics also reduces the chances of employee injury, lost productivity and downtime.

Fine Grace, one of the finest Indian manufacturers of trendy and quality office furniture provides a wide range and options for modular workstation/furniture. If you are looking to set up or re-design your office interiors then Fine Grace should be your first choice. They have a system that offers customers excellent office furniture solutions and service with their unconventional products that works best to revamp modern office space and make it a place people would want to be at.