Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Conference Table: The Signature Piece of Your Office

While buying commercial office furniture, for example, a conference table, one comes across many mind boggling questions: what size table you need, what shape will best fit your company's corporate style, how to handle power and communication needs, etc. This article is based on important tips on envisioning a table that is ideally designed for your business needs.

Conference Table

While purchasing commercial office furniture, one comes across many models, most of which will adequately fulfil the primary purpose. On the other hand, there are many other parameters like: quality, luxury, specific needs, practical requirements, aesthetics, budgetary considerations, as well as the “impression” you wish to make, that determines ones final decision while purchasing commercial office furniture.

Many conference tables can be purchased at reasonable prices. The information in this article will help you sort out what type of conference table will best suit your needs as well as your budget.

Conference tables can be designed in all shapes and sizes and can be constructed from many different types of materials including wood, glass, marble, synthetic materials, or some combination. Apart from the material used for construction, the look and feel of your conference table is very important. 

Conference tables are generally made from hardwoods, cherry, mahogany, walnut, maple, oak and teak being the most popular of them all. All of these woods have their own look, feel and personality. Since most of the cost of a table is in the labour, the difference in cost between most of these woods will not greatly affect the price of the table. 

FITTING YOUR SPACE: Large, Small & Everything in Between

Different shapes of conference tables provide different seating capacities. With square and rectangle conference tables being the simplest tables to fabricate, they are also the most economical for a given seating capacity. Boat shaped tables, due to the curve, provide more seating room and also look graceful. Another shape most popular among conference tables are the racetrack conference tables, which consist of a rectangular center, capped with two half circle ends. 

Most preferred and pretty conference tables are round in shape. Many round tables can often double as cafe or break room tables, or even meeting tables where employees can gather to work collectively on projects. For companies that make nobility, teamwork, and equal right their mission, few things are better than a table of circular design.

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A conference table which is well engineered with power and data cables depicts craftsmanship and easy execution of activities. With proper room for power and data cables, there is room to run everything imaginable. It is very important for a conference table to have hatches, wire runs, etc. These not only make the conference table workable, but also help to keep the conference room neat and organized.

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